Toilet and Shower Facilities

Just to let you all know - the Shower/Toilet Blocks WILL be open - but there are restrictions until at least 17th May - if we all do it right things will get back to normal sooner rather than later - there will not be 'ladies' or 'Gents' - it will be ONE person or ONE family up to 6 allowed in any of the rooms at one time - we have put locks on inside of the entrance doors for everyones safety and comfort - Children MUST be supervised by a parent and must not be allowed to go into the blocks alone - we advise anyone who has their own onboard facilites to use them - we also ask that everyone be respectful in terms of leaving as they find and keeping time to a minimum - Thank you in advance -- on a lighter note -- the Animals have arrived - we now have 5 Alpaca's, 4 goats, 2 Donkey's, 2 + 2 Pigs and a Pony munching away in the fields.