Bens Story Part Two

Ben standing on his own four feet

Bens Story – Part two


Hello again, I am Ben, I was born on 27th February 2019 about 5.30pm at Greenhill Farm.

I was laying down on my cosy straw on 9th March when the mummies and farmer friends came in – What is going on?? They didn’t seem to be making a fuss of me. They moved a big fat cow into another pen right near me – why is she getting all the attention I asked myself – I trotted up and down my pen trying to say ‘Hey I am here’ but they ignored me – this is not good I don’t like this ‘being ignored malarkey’.  Suddenly!!! This thing fell to the floor, they pulled it over to the big cow and she started licking it – it was another calf, I heard them call it Billy. They told me that Billy was my brother (when they eventually got around to talking to me again). Billy stood up almost straight away, I want to go over there and have a look at my brother but couldn’t because of this pen. Well, the very next day mummies and farmer friend came and took my fences away, FREEDOM!!! - I had a little trot around, WOW – all this space, I am not sure that I like this though – those big cows look mahoosive. Billy didn’t seem to want to play and his mummy stopped me going near him. The humans opened another gate, I had a look through and saw lots of cows and calves, my human mummies told me that these were my brothers and sisters, Bruce, Belle, Bryan and Beatrix and their cow mummies, my aunties. I must admit to feeling a bit (well, a lot) scared – my human mummy ran around the pen and I followed – mum, mum I tried to call – I wanted her to hold me and pat me.  Mummies went the other side of the fence, I wanted them back, I am not sure that I like all this space. I wondered around having a sniff here and there, I got pushed away by the aunties a couple of times. My legs started to hurt, I was tired and lonely but I was too scared to lay down. After a while mummies came back with my dinner – I was so pleased to see them that I actually said Hello (MOOO). They gave me my food and put me in a little pen with lots of warm straw – I felt safe again and curled up and slept. CRASH!!!  Aunties have knocked my pen down – I’m scared and tired but Bruce, Belle and Beatrix came and lay with me on the warm straw. This is nice – I am starting to like having brothers and sisters we can snuggle up and keep each other warm – I do think they are a bit jealous of my lovely blue coat though. I slept all night with my new cow family – I still feel lonely and hungry – my brothers and sisters have their mummies to feed them. My human mummies keep coming with my food and lots of pats and cuddles, they told me that I need to sneak up to one of my aunties and steal some milk. Because I am always hungry now I thought I will give this a go – I got pushed away a few times so needed another plan, one auntie was lying down so I lay next to her, she licked me all over, this felt different but I think I like being licked, I am now thinking that I am in with a chance of sharing a cow mummy, I just need to come up with a plan to make one of the aunties like me.

The next day, my human mummies and farmer friend came to see me, they brought my milk – it was good to see and hear them and get my dinner. What’s that over there??? I spotted a little face looking under the fence – Hmmm, I don’t think I need to be scared of it because it is small, it kept popping its face under the fence, I heard the humans telling it to go away, they said ‘Jen – get out’ Jen is a sheep dog. I think Jen liked the look of me because a bit later she came flying over the fence, the fence is much bigger than me and bigger than the humans (how can she jump so high)

 She nearly landed on my back, well she did land on my back but then jumped to the floor. A strange thing happened – I think I understand what Jen is saying to me ……….. I will let you know how I am getting on very soon ……………………